General features

Gene IDMYPE2690
General name
DefinitionP35 lipoprotein homolog
nt length1107
aa length368
COG[-] not in COGs

Orthologs (if any)

Bacteria*Reciprocally best hit toScoreE-value
bsubNP_391809.2 ribonuclease toxin of the RtbD-RtbE toxin-antitoxin system [Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168]302.7e-01

*bsub, Bacillus subtilis;

Pfam search result:

ModelNo.Descrip tionPosition (aa)ScoreE-value

MpPF11M penetrans paralogue family 162-366369.11.8e-110

BLAST search result (top 10 hits)

ID DescriptionIdentityScoreE-value
ref|WP_011077096.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]368/368 (100%)18880.0e+00
ref|WP_129374581.1| P35 family lipoprotein, partial [Mycoplasma penetrans]340/340 (100%)17450.0e+00
ref|WP_011077502.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]225/351 (64%)9682.0e-126
ref|WP_011077503.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]205/352 (58%)8594.8e-110
ref|WP_011077504.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]205/351 (58%)8561.8e-109
ref|WP_011077506.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]194/352 (55%)7822.0e-98
ref|WP_011077505.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]191/352 (54%)7465.6e-93
ref|WP_129374670.1| P35 family lipoprotein, partial [Mycoplasma penetrans]165/306 (53%)7174.7e-89
ref|WP_011077479.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]176/351 (50%)6841.5e-83
ref|WP_011077097.1| P35 family lipoprotein [Mycoplasma penetrans]171/351 (48%)6772.4e-82

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