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Mycoplasma penetrans Genome

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General features of the genome

Genome size1,358,633bp
G+C content25.7%
Protein-coding gene1,038
rRNA gene (5S-23S-16S)1
tRNA gene30
P35 homologue44 (tree)

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Sasaki, Y., J. Ishikawa, A. Yamashita, K. Oshima, T. Kenri, K. Furuya, C. Yoshino, A. Horino, T. Shiba, T. Sasaki and M. Hattori: The complete genomic sequence of Mycoplasma penetrans, an intracellular bacterial pathogen in humans. Nucleic Acids Research 30(23):5293–5300 (2002) [abstract | full-text | PDF]
Supplementary information:
P35 homologue: [ table | tree ]
Original high resolution genome map:
JPEG ( 300dpi (430 Kbytes) | 600dpi (1.2 Mbytes) ), PostScript
The sequence is available under accession number: BA000026,
Horino, A., Y. Sasaki, T. Sasaki, and T. Kenri: Multiple promoter inversions generate surface antigenic variation in Mycoplasma penetrans. Journal of Bacteriology 185(1): 231–242 (2003). [abstract | full-text | PDF]
Sasaki Y.: Chapter 10 "Mycoplasma", p. 175–190, In V. L. Chan, P. M. Sherman and B. Bourke (eds.) "Bacterial Genomes and infectious Diseases", Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, 2006, ISBN: 158829496X

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